Dermal Biocide Gel


It can be applied to the hands to obtain a protection for more than 8 hours before being removed by handwashing. Its protective layer generates a film strong enough that bacteria do not proliferate on your skin, avoiding contagion.

Appearance: Transparent Liquid Gel.
Texture: Light. Medium viscosity. Soft to the touch and rapid absorption.
Characteristic smell: Floral
Color : Transparent

  • Creates a protective layer on the applied skin.
  • Protection for more than 8 hours *
  • Bactericidal and Virucidal for 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi including SaRS-COV-2
  • Proven that it eliminates the viruses that generate COVID-19
  • It does not generate volatility risks since its formula does not contain alcohol.
  • 60ml applicator bottle
  • 240ml applicator bottle
  • 480ml applicator bottle
  • 960ml applicator bottle
  • 5 liter carafe
  • 10 liter carafe
  • 20 liter carafe

Due to its formula without alcohol or aggressive chemical agents, it can be applied in hands of children and adults. Do not apply near the eyes, on the face, or on other places on the skin. Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool area.

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Product Description

DayByDay Protect Antiseptic Liquid Gel is formulated with Nanotechnological Zinc Oxide coated and designed to act for more than 8 hours * protecting and caring for the skin where it is applied, including against the viruses that cause SARS-CoV-2.

Its virucidal and bactericidal agents generate a film protective that disintegrate the membranes of viruses and they inhibit their growth on the applied surface.

Contains all the elements to be refreshing and protective, in addition to helping your skin to be protected for a long time without drying out because does not contain alcohol or other aggressive chemical agents,
and it is safe for children and adults.