It is a revolutionary line that creates a new paradigm in sanitation.

Its nanoparticle-based formula offers properties that are impossible to achieve with current products.

The development of products with this technology gives us new technological solutions that have already been approved by the FDA in the United States.

Eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms found on surfaces. To be used safely in the home, offices, rooms of patients with a viral infection etc. It is completely safe to use on objects that children handle.


The technological paradigm in cleaning

Its simple and practical line to use offers the benefit of immediate sanitation and continuous protection, on any surface.

Eliminates 99.99% of viruses, fungi and bacteria

Ideal for all types of interior and exterior surfaces


Long-lasting effect up to +8 hours of protection

Free of alcohol and chlorine

What is an Ionic Zinc Nanoparticle?

An atom of zinc oxide is ionized to reinforce its electrical charge

The ionized atom receives an anti-UV coverage to remain stable over time

And ready! The nanomaterial is prepared to fight any virus that faces

How do ionic zinc nanoparticles work?

Ionic zinc nanoparticles come into contact with the virus

Atoms overloaded with electricity, cause an electro-shock to the virus

the electro-shock breaks the fat membrane. Atoms enter the virus and destroy it